Chicken Benefits

Chicken is one of the best option for Non veg eaters, In chicken there are many varieties, including free range chicken, organic chicken, and conventional chicken, the difference being on the basis of their breeding. While free-range chicken, as the term implies, is allowed to roam freely in the pastures; conventional chicken, which is also the most controversial, is kept in cages and not allowed to move freely. Conventional chicken is injected with hormones to fasten its growth and make it unnaturally big. This chicken variety is usually kept in unhygienic and unhealthy conditions.

Nutritional Value of Chicken
According to the USDA, chicken (100 g) has moisture (65 g), energy (215 kcal), protein (18 g), fat (15 g), saturated fat (4 g), cholesterol (75 mg), calcium (11 mg), iron (0.9 mg), magnesium (20 mg), phosphorus (147 mg), potassium (189 mg), sodium (70 mg), and zinc (1.3 mg). [1] In terms of vitamins, it contains vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

Health Benefits of Chicken
High Protein Content
Rich in Vitamins & Minerals
Weight Loss
Control of Blood Pressure
Reduced Cancer Risk
Reduced Cholesterol
Treatment of Common Cold



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